2014 Mercedes S65 AMG. The Royal Sport!

Mercedes Benz has officially launched the 2014 S65 AMG at the 2013 Tokyo Auto show few recently. The car is basically the most expeditious beast of the brute version (S63 AMG) of the company’s commanding model of today, the S-Class

VW Twin-Up! Diesel & Electric sandwiched!!

Volkswagen unveiled the production version of its diesel-electric hybrid concept the Twin-Up! at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show few days ago, which shares bits of futurity with the XL1.

Ford Endeavour. A Farmer's Tool (with Photo Gallery)

PHOTO GALLERY - Ford Endeavour 3.0l AT 4x4 click here to go directly>>

Have you ever ploughed fields with a modern sophisticated machine? I did. Helped the farm owner to prepare for his samba cropping by playing with Ford Endeavour 3.0l AT 4x4.

I admit that I have a regret. I don't like SUVs as much as I do sedans and station wagons. But pushing hard the Endy on to any rough terrain is more fun as a barrel of monkeys! Slush mud of a farmland, broken barren lands, rocky stretches with throny bushes or coastal sand dunes of Danushkodi - the Endy is go anywhere sheep. Not that appreciable on the road, however.

I know it's time to speak about the next generation Ford Endeavour. The official images of the Everest SUV concept are out a month ago. But I take out the existing Endeavour for a spin to understand what it is and what is ought to be expected in the upcoming vehicle.

Fiat Siena: An Italian Delight and some Nostalgia!

The first-gen Fiat Siena (1999) was my first car. An excellent sedan with high levels of quality and comforts, the Siena would easily shame many of the present-day cars in the segment. Nearly 15 years on, it still looks and feels fantastic and serves as a reminder of what Fiats actually are keeping aside their crappy marketing in India. It adores my garage with pride and passion!

I don't know how far my love for my Siena will go on. "Every Fiat is always driven out of passion. Those who drive them would love them for sure", goes a Fiat's advert. That's a maxim for me beyond any doubt. Yes, I know the car may look a doudy for many, not punchy enough and now no respect on road. But I really don’t care since it’s a kind of car I can’t stop smiling over when I drive it!

Here's why I say this Siena is a priceless legend.

Car Hacking: How far possible?

Hacking a car?
Oh, come on, Dhiyanu. It’s ridiculous! No one can and would ever do that.
You think so? In this day and age? Certainly not far-fetched. It's a technological fact indeed. 
But, it's too early to worry about the potential threat of your car.

The recent news of two techies taking control of the on-board computers of a Toyota Prius and Ford Escape using a laptop is a fact that car hacking is much more threatening than so far.

Now it is with the car makers and law makers to decide how further and faster they can push technologies to make our drives safer. Sadly, they remain mum or downplay the issue.

BMW i3 redefines Sustainable Car Technology

Just few days ago, BMW unveiled the first production car of its much hyped "i" project, the i3, a significant leap from a concept to a production model. Claimed to be the world's first mass produced car to be primarily made of Carbon Fibres, the i3 redefines sustainable mobility in many ways undoubtedly.

BMW claims that the future is here. The i3 is to revolutionise the industry and signifies a shift to a new era of motoring, it adds. So, how far is it true??

Henry Ford. 150 Years

He, born this day 150 years back, was the man who transformed a potentially untapped sphere into a pompous business, mass-produced and lucrative car industry that we see today.

His story of how a car was made as a mean to social and cultural change is rather implausible. He was admired by clutches of entrepreneurs and they incorporated his business model into the production of almost all consumer goods. More than anything, it is always jittering for me to see "Ford" logo on the steering wheel of my Fiesta, as it makes me to recollect the impact that this brand has made to the industry. I feel proud to be related to it someway!

Datsun and the Middle Class

Datsun GO hatch. More cars on the anvil too!
“Datsun targets at the “emerging middle-class”, said Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motor company while unveiling the Datsun 'GO' hatch at the marque's world premiere after 32 years. The budget brand's return into the car making is nothing but its proprietor Nissan's commitment to bring in low-cost cars to crack the emerging new markets, potential enough to change the fortunes for the company. The Datsun is said to cater to the markets like Russia, India, Indonesia and South Africa.

So what's behind the “emerging middle-class” strategy of the automakers?
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