Truck Designing Is More Serious Than You Think

Modern CVs - trucks and buses - are becoming much more handsome and inspiring than we would expect them to be. We Indians know trucks only with custom-made cabins and cargo bays that are similar since decades and hardly appealing. But things have started to change now. A wide range of brands are now available in the CV market augmenting customer choices and market standards. New design languages and external manifestations have crept into the CV market as well, the very aspect that makes the whole car industry distinct and more dynamic.

That way, trucks now adopt designs that are endurable and sustainable, without becoming obsolete in shot period. Lets examine the plot with illustrations from Volvo and Tata trucks. 

Peugeot 309 And Its Indian Tragedy | Nostalgia

When I was a kid, I had a really perplexing confusion between Peugeot's 309 and Tata's 609 CV. "Which "09" for whom?" was actually the dilemma. That was the time when my dad used to appreciate that car whenever he spots one. I loved this car too, it was distinct and catchy in its times. So, why am I writing about this car now? Today when I was driving on the highway, I spotted a beautiful white 309. I nostalgically drove behind it for sometime till the time it steered off towards a suburb. And I knew that moment that I will recollect its bygone era of hardship in my blog. 

The “SUV”ish Way Of Driving

Our mind-set towards cars accounts for India’s preference to SUVs says Dhiyanesh Ravichandran. 

Big beefy, intimidating off-roaders and a variety of SUV designs have seized our domestic car market. It’s pretty evident and requires no testimony. They, invariably diesels, invade every car “segments” – from hatchbacks to ultra-luxury end – and every budget ranges. The SUV boom was indeed a prime factor that led governments to think and push for diesel deregulation and tax reforms which may affect the CV industry and lead to overall inflation in the long run.  

Yes, Mercedes GLA45 AMG Is Now In India Too! How come?

There are few cars in India that exists for some peculiar or unknown reasons. The latest example I can give you is the Mercedes GLA45 AMG. Just days after launching the GLA crossover sometime back, the company launched the AMG-tuned GLA45, the most brute version of the GLA class. Priced at INR 69.6 lakhs (ex-showroom Mumbai), the car is an expeditious beast. 

Hybrid Power Trains: Here Are Some Basics And Opinions

Hybrid powertrains are gaining huge momentum than never before. 

We briefly looks at their fundamentals and opinions behind them.

Videos: Even Big Trucks Can Rag Track Machines!

Trucks on Tracks! Okay, not that rhyming. These two video clips that went viral over internet among petrol-heads rendered me some speech-less jiffy. Usually I am little wary of all these promotional stuffs, but these were really interesting. They feature powerful big-rigs with deadly track machines. Both videos are, of course, not related.

Mercedes-Benz Wants To Retain Maybach Legacy; New Nomenclature Not Bad

I was convinced that the ultra-luxury brand Maybach was a long-dead story. But Daimler AG is determined not to make its subsidiary brand rest-in-peace forever. It wants to cash in on its legacy by hook or by crook! Too much exclusivity and lack of its own foot-hold made the brand slip-off the sales. It was unviable for yet another revival either.

Thus, why not hook it up with Mercedes the de facto guardian of the brand for decades?

The Best Indian Vintage Car Ads

There is something really fascinating about old car print ads. Of course print was the only medium in India to reach masses (other than Radio) at least till 1990s. No computer graphics, minute photo editing, and stuffs. You won't find any pretentious display of the car or some nonsense with their celebrity ambassadors or science-fictional themes that only nuts can understand, or social media bullshit (like for Tata Zest). Just clear and simple messages, highlighting few important features with a picture often hand-drawn. You can also find evident postal addresses of the dealer or the manufacturer for further contacts, unlike present-day website links which is again an advertising strategy to lure potential buyers.

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