Mercedes-Benz Wants To Retain Maybach Legacy; New Nomenclature Not Bad

I was convinced that the ultra-luxury brand Maybach was a long-dead story. But Daimler AG is determined not to make its subsidiary brand rest-in-peace forever. It wants to cash in on its legacy by hook or by crook! Too much exclusivity and lack of its own foot-hold made the brand slip-off the sales. It was unviable for yet another revival either.

Thus, why not hook it up with Mercedes the de facto guardian of the brand for decades?

The Best Indian Vintage Car Ads

There is something really fascinating about old car print ads. Of course print was the only medium in India to reach masses (other than Radio) at least till 1990s. No computer graphics, minute photo editing, and stuffs. You won't find any pretentious display of the car or some nonsense with their celebrity ambassadors or science-fictional themes that only nuts can understand, or social media bullshit (like for Tata Zest). Just clear and simple messages, highlighting few important features with a picture often hand-drawn. You can also find evident postal addresses of the dealer or the manufacturer for further contacts, unlike present-day website links which is again an advertising strategy to lure potential buyers.

NCAPs Strip Indian Cars To Their Actual Standards; Maruti Swift & Datsun GO This Time

It is not just typical Indian students, like me, are scared of "TESTs". Even Indian cars don't like them either! Almost every car that is archetypal to our domestic market flunk in their crash tests, thanks to the Global NCAP reports time to time. Few months back we came to know that our popular hatches like Alto 800, Nano, i10 and VW Polo failed to pass the crash tests. And the latest to fall flat to crash safety tests are our "national-diesel-hatch" Maruti Suzuki Swift and the new "middle-class mover" Datsun GO. 

Volvo's New FH, FM & FMX Trucks Meet Horizon


Though late by two years, the new trucks nearly bridges the gap between the Volvo's key offerings in India and other Western markets in terms of design and engineering.

Datsun GO "Nayi Parampara" Ad Is A Hush Up To Car's Misfortunes!

Datsun advertises GO hatch as "Nayi Parampara" or 'New Tradition/ Heritage', but the newly resurrected brand is struggling with low sales and 'cheap car' image in the emerging markets.

Small car TV advertisements in India would be most often ironic, even analogous! Claims of space, comfort, and whooping mileage are a kind of cliche here. Every Maruti Suzuki TVC will have a happy woman/ wife/ girlfriend enjoying the ride and the guy flaunting himself for the car's mileage! Some kind of family romanticism will be invoked in every Maruti ads. Or at least the Hyundai's Eon 'Trend Setter' commercial must prove you how laughable small car TVCs can be.

How Diesel Price Deregulation Unfolds For You Fellas And Auto Industry?

This kind of timing is remarkable! The union government has deregulated the price of diesel, the lifeline of the commercial and utility vehicles, yet, the immediate effect on price was a Rs. 3.37 a litre (ex-Delhi) drop, against the typical "deregulation = price rise" perception. No resilliance to the bold reform, silently carried out at a time when global oil prices have strangely fallen. And so everyone - auto makers, political parties, industrial houses, etc. seems happy. Yet, a good fodder for thought to think about possible repercussions on consumers and the auto industry.

2016 Jaguar XE Is A Flippin’ Big Wildcat To Yell At German Stereotypes

Jaguar XE. This is indeed the most daring Jaguar ever made in the brand's history. Not necessarily because of the standards or excellence of the car in itself, but just because of the segment it is plonked at - the entry-level Luxury/ Sports Sedan - the toughest in terms of volume and the most stereotyped in India and globally too.

Rs.75,000 Fine for Uninsured Car by Draft MV Act May Invite More Bribery

For all those who ply with vehicles either with an expired motor insurance or no insurance at all, it's going to harsh and painful. The proposed Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014, if passed by the Parliament without changes, proposes hefty fines for vehicles on road without valid insurance.

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